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Our vehicles fleet  
At present, Mudanzas Reus S.A. has an especially designed and full-equipped fleet of vehicles so that we can carry out any removal in the most comfortable way. Every vehicle has its own function, in order to provide the best of services and be able to choose the most suitable vehicle for each case, no matter the distances nor the quantity of furniture.

We have different furniture assemblers which go up to 21 metres till 33 metres high, and this makes the loading and unloading of the removal much easier.

In the same way, we offer the possibility of setting up furniture to furniture shops, new furniture companies, aluminium and glassware shops as well as to other companies in order to save time and to prevent the product from any damage.

Besides, we also have all the necessary tools to perform any kind of removal.. As an illustration, some people would rather pack up their keepsakes or their most personal objects at their own pace, for this reason Mudanzas Reus has material of packing that it is possible to acquire some days before the removal is due so that they can pack their personal objects slowly.